12V 100A lithium alternator

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Battery Voltage Regulator 100 Amp for 12V DC Systems Including Lithium


12V Lithium Alternator

The AIMS Power battery voltage regulator and isolator protects batteries using solid state technology by automatically disconnecting a 12V DC source when voltage is not safe or out of operating range. This product allows you to use different battery technologies in the same application and lithium batteries can be used in any application (alternators) because the regulator prevents the battery from over charging. Its compact and simple 2-wire terminal configuration allows for easy installation in common 2-wire 12 Volt applications: vehicle, wind, hydro or any other 12V systems. The regulator continuously monitors the input voltage. If the voltage is within the operating range of 9.4 – 14.4V, power will be supplied to the output terminal allowing power to the loads. If the voltage drops below 9.2V or is over 14.6V the power is cut off at the output terminal preventing power to the loads. The regulator also performs as an isolator by automatically disconnecting loads when the battery voltage is outside of operating range, protecting the main starting battery. Loaded with several safety features, the regulator will protect your batteries, while prolonging the overall life.


FEATURES of12V Alternator

  • Works with 12 V battery systems
  • 100 amps alternator or other DC device
  • Dedicated alternator port
  • Simple 2 wire design easy to install
  • Low and high voltage protection
  • Perfect for alternators, wind or hydro battery applications
  • Resets once current is within operating range







Voltage Input


Output Operation

Input Voltage: 9.4-14.4Vdc  Output On

Input Voltage < :9.2Vdc

Input Voltage > :14.6Vdc

Output Off

Over Current Shutdown:  

Current > than 100A/200A and < than 125A/250A, the relay is disconnected after 1 minute.

Current > than 125A/250A and < than 150A/300A, relay is disconnected after 10 seconds.

Current > than 150A/300A, the relay is disconnected immediately.

* Once the current is within operating range, the regulator will reset after 2 minutes resuming normal operation.


1 lb

1.7 lb

Dimensions L*W*H

5.75” x 4.75” x 2.125”

7.875” x 4.75” x 2.125”

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