DC Combiner Box 60 Amp 3 Inputs 10kW Prewired Combiner Box 60 Amp

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DC Combiner Box 60 Amp 3 Inputs 10kW Prewired   Combiner Box   60 Amp

The AIMS Power Solar Array Combiner Box provides a convenient solution for large PV solar array installations. The Combiner Box is exactly that… a box that serves as a central location for multiple input to a single output load. At 10KW/20KW output and 200Vdc input, this pre-wired box, with MC4 input and output connectors and a NEMA waterproof case is a must have for off-grid and grid tied systems. Ideal for larger solar arrays/high current systems, easing the hassle of dealing with several wires and combines all wires into one place for simple installation and maintenance. The combiner box eliminates the need for extra equipment such as output breakers, branch connectors and disconnect switches. The convenient MC4 connectors eliminate the need to hardwire, allowing for a quick plug and use solution.

 DC Combiner Box 60 Amp 3 Inputs 10kW Prewired   Combiner Box   60 Amp

  • Pre-wired
  • 1000V DC max input
  • 125A resettable output breaker
  • 3-25A (COM3IN) 6-25A (COM6IN) replaceable fuses
  • Diode protected
  • Lightning protected
  • MC4 input and output connections
  • DC input 3 or 6 set 60/120A output
  • Flexible mounting options; mount on a support bracket, plinth or racking system
  • Connect 3-6 PV strings and 2 DC outputs per polarity
  • Waterproof PG9 DC output and ground protection
  • Optimal cooling
  • NEMA & IP65 rated case with tamper proof locks
  • Touch safe fuse holder
  • 10 Year warranty

 DC Combiner Box 60 Amp 3 Inputs 10kW Prewired   Combiner Box   60 Amp

  • 3 DC inputs
  • 200VDC input
  • Max input current - 25A
  • Max output current - 60A
  • Output power - 10KW
  • DC fuse - 200Vdc
  • Output breaker - 125A
  • DC switch - 500Vdc/40DA
  • NEMA 3R IP65
  • Operating temp: -13°F to 104°F w/o derating
  • Altitude: 0 to 6560 ft w/o Derating
  • Dimensions:  14 5/8”W X 17 3/8” L X 7 5/8”H
  • Weight: Unit 23.5 lb, Boxed 26 lb
  • 10 Year warranty


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