Battery to Charge Controller Tray Cables for 3/8 in Lugs

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Battery to Charge Controller Tray Cables for 3/8 in Lugs


Connect your charge controller to the battery with a pair of Renogy high-quality copper tray cables. Specialized with battery rings on one end for effortless connection to your battery and exposed stranded wire on the other end to lead directly into your charge controller, this wire makes the system set up as easy as can be!

Step 1 Materials & Tools Ready

1. Solar charge controller

1 AC Terminal Block

2. Battery

3. Battery cables (with terminal rings on one end and stripped at the other.

4. Fuse set with cable

5. Wire crimper and screwdriver

STEP 2 Connect the Cable with Charge Controller

Insert the stripped end and screw the terminal shut. All Renogy Charge Controller have the battery terminals labeled with a battery icon"BATT".

STEP 3 Connect the Fuse to the Positive Battery Cable

The Renogy ANL fuse will protect the charge controller, wire, and battery from over-current. The fuse set and fuse cable are available from Renogy.

STEP 4 Connect the Battery Cables to the Battery

Connect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal and the positive cable to the positive terminal.

STEP5 Charge Controller Turn On Now

Check the installation instructions in your charge controller’s manual and set up the battery type correctly.

STEP 6 Double Check All Your Connections

Double check all your connections to make sure that none are loose.



Renogy Solar Tray Cables / one pair

Renogy Solar Tray Cables

1 x pair


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