Inverter Chargers in a Solar Power System

The Importance of Inverter Chargers in a Solar Power System

Solar inverters are an integral part of solar power systems. These are devices that use batteries to store power. But there are times when solar power isn’t enough to charge the battery for your backup power. Solar panels might not be able to collect enough energy when there’s not enough sunlight. These panels are for emergency purposes like usage and storage. What would you do in that situation?

One of the best solutions is to charge the battery using a different source. In this case, you’ll need an inverter charger for that. Throughout this article, you’ll understand what inverter chargers are. It will also discuss the importance of a solar power system. You will also learn about how they’re different from other regular solar inverters as well.


What Is a Solar Inverter Charger?

An inverter charger is a device that helps charge a battery bank using another power source. Even when its main source isn’t available, this includes shore power or a generator. In a typical solar power system, it’s designed to perform two main functions: 

  • Convert DC power from the battery to usable AC for standard appliance use
  • Convert AC power into DC power that can charge deep-cycle batteries

Your solar power system may need to produce more power to charge the battery when the days are shorter. With an inverter/charger, you can use a different source to charge the battery. This is why it’s a good solution for people who are:

  • Living off-grid but having access to other power sources like generators
  • Looking for a backup power solution
  • In need of supplemental power or living in areas without lots of sunlight


How Does It Work

In your photovoltaic (PV) system, the collected solar energy can be stored in the battery. It is also used to power your house or RV through the inverter charger. An inverter charger also has a built-in transfer switch. This allows it to switch between AC shore power and inverter mode automatically.  

Furthermore, this ensures that your appliances and electronics can continue working without interruption. If the battery is charged and there are no other available power sources for your house, it will automatically switch to battery power.

Battery Types Suitable With a Solar Inverter Charger

An inverter charger works with a lot of deep-cycle batteries. There are battery types that work well with an inverter charger. This includes flooded lead acid batteries, gel batteries, and sealed batteries, among others. This compatibility allows users to choose the battery type that best suits their needs. 

It’s also ideal to consider factors like cost, maintenance requirements, and performance. To help you make an informed decision, consult a professional.


Inverter/Chargers vs Regular Solar Inverters

Regular solar inverters can convert DC power. This includes solar panels and batteries for AC power. This AC power can then be used to run all your appliances and devices. There’s even a solar inverter type that can convert that AC power back into DC so it can be stored in the battery. An inverter charger can do that and more. 

Like a regular inverter, the charger can convert DC to AC and vice versa. It can also be connected to an AC power source. Charge the attached batteries when the AC power converted from the solar panels isn’t enough. This makes it a valuable device for homes and RVs that use solar power systems for electricity. 


Importance of Inverter Chargers in Your Solar Power System

It’s ideal to pay more attention to this since most people need more awareness and consideration. Inverter/chargers offer many significant benefits for solar power system users. An inverter charger is an important component of a fully functioning system. Here are the following reasons:

Continuous Charging

The inverter allows continuous charging of battery banks used in solar power systems. The battery can have many power sources. This includes solar panels, utility grids, and generators. This means that whenever one isn’t available, you can still charge your system’s battery.

When the source isn’t available, the inverter charger will switch to the other sources. This ensures that you’ll always have backup power in case of dire situations or while you’re on the road in your RV. 

Simplification of System Operations

The use of an inverter charger simplifies power system operations. It can perform the tasks required for both charging and discharging the battery. This eliminates the need for separate devices, such as a solar inverter and a converter. If you plan to charge the battery using a different AC source, it’s advisable to choose an inverter charger. An example would be an AC generator.

An inverter in the system streamlines the entire process of charging the battery. This includes different sources and discharging stored power for usage. This also means energy doesn’t have to pass through many devices, reducing energy loss.

Offer Cost-efficient Advantages

Using an inverter charger for your battery has cost-efficient advantages. You only need to spend on one device instead of two or more. This will help you save money. You can add more solar panels or other equipment for your solar power system instead. Think about it: solar power system equipment and components can cost a lot.

Additionally, most inverters/chargers come in compact designs. This makes them an ideal choice for systems installed in places with limited spaces, like an RV or a boat. This will result in reduced wirings, thus lower costs. In addition, since the battery continuously charges, you can save money on energy needs.



Inverter chargers make sure that users always have access to power. The power that they can use for their appliances and electronics. They allow continuous charging for the battery banks and streamline the system operations. They’re also a cost-efficient addition to the system. If you use other AC sources to charge your battery bank, you must get one for your solar power system.

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